Learn to communicate your codes with Skillyards Club Facilitation!

Welcome To Skillyards Club Facilitation

According to several researches, sharing our ideas and opinions with others is the best method to remember them and put them into practice. In fact, taking part in discussions enhances our retention by 70%. It is proven that in students' learning outcomes, there is an increase of 20% in exam scores of students engaging in group discussions and 0 if students listened to lectures only. Researches also indicate that speaking or conversation enhances mental flexibility by as much as 30% during the process. Also, after 2–3 weeks of experiencing group discussions, the person gets a chance to reduce their anxiety in the range of 15–20% when they must stand in front of others to speak.

This is why at Skillyards, we are aware of the fact as to why practical development is a key to professionalism. But nowadays, it is common to identify that even well-trained and skilled IT experts lack in putting codes into words. Nevertheless possessing a great deal of knowledge, they often fail to communicate their codes to the clients leading to a communication gap or even miscommunication, which results in lost opportunities for them. Pinpointing this problem, Skillyards has created the Skillyards Facilitation Club. Besides working on their practical skills with hands-on client projects, students start to work on their communication and presenting skills too. This doesn’t end here!

Personality Development

Regular Personality Development activities are organized by industry experts and professionals which result in increased self-awareness and stress management in students which help them grow themselves along with their career

Public Speaking

Regular Public Speaking activities are held to boost their confidence and ability to handle the crowd. Public Speaking also contribute to the advancement of students’ communication skills allowing them to present themselves in a better and more professional manner

Language Fluency: English

Regular Language Fluency: English activities allow students to get fluent in the language and connect to clients easily without any barrier, opening more doors of opportunities for them

Leadership Skill

Regular Leadership Skill activities to impart leadership and team handling qualities in students which are essential for growth in any company