Skillyards is one of the best IT training platforms in Agra as it facilitated my growth in Full Stack Web Development by providing me with the best mentors, connecting me with industry experts, and with the engaging curriculum. Skill up with Skillyards!

About Skillyards

Skillyards, a leader in the IT industry, aims to build an IT Ecosystem in the City of Taj, Agra by creating IT experts from scratch and offering them guaranteed In-house/ Industry placements. While doing this, Skillyards also lends a hand to fill the void between the theoretical & practical development of students, helping them to be industry-ready. Through On-The Job Degree & On-The Job Training programs, Skillyards provides practical development to students, along with working on their communication skills through regular personality development, public speaking & English language fluency activities in the Skillyards Club Facilitation. The regular client projects with professional trainers & developers combined with the regularly updated curriculum create an incomparable package of practical learning. So if you are looking to craft a new era of the IT industry, then Skill up with Skillyards!