Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program

Duration: 6 Months Training + 3 Months Internship
( Fees: 50k )
Basics of marketing and branding
  • What is Marketing?
  • Introduction to Marketing Mix
  • What are the channels of marketing?
  • Commencing with branding
  • Getting started with Online Market Research
Introduction to Digital marketing
  • The positive change in online marketing
  • What are online marketing channels?
  • What are cases in Digital campaigns?
  • Understanding the essentials of digital marketing strategy
Graphics designing for Business
  • Fundamentals of graphic designing
  • Toolkits of design marketing
  • Getting started with designing online documents
Video marketing fundamentals
  • Introduction to video marketing
  • Why is Video Marketing essential?
  • What are the types of online videos?
  • How to create a live explainer video?
Introduction to professional bloggging
  • Kickstarting with blogging
  • What is the difference between personal and professional blogging?
  • What are the best practices in blogging?
  • How to set up your blog- Live
Advanced Web analytics
  • How to set up segment, filter, and reports
  • Process of creating a custom URL
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
  • Types of campaigns- Organic and paid plus Audit Frameworks
Social media optimization for business
  • Kickstarting the journey of Social Media Optimization
  • Getting to know different social media networks
  • How to optimize your facebook pages for business
  • How to optimize your business presence on twitter
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • How to filter your niche for an advanced profile?
Search engine optimization
  • Introduction to SEO
  • How to select and map the best keywords How to optimize your content
  • Knowing more about Onpage SEO and HTML Tag optimization
  • Getting ahead with Off Page SEO & building your link
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
Advanced search engine optimization
  • What are webmaster audits?
  • How to set structure data on your website?
  • How to create website audit reports?
  • How to start Search Engine Optimization in Ecommerce
  • SEO penalty by Google and how to control it
Online advertising and google adword
  • Starting with paid marketing
  • What are programmatic and direct ads
  • What are Search ads?
  • Kickstarting with Google Adwords search (PPC) advertising
  • What are the best practices in search camapaigns
Email marketing
  • Getting started in Email Marketing
  • Why is email marketing essential?
  • Starting to write effective emails
  • Creating email strategies
  • Knowing more about email marketing tools
  • How to do email marketing reporting and analysis for clients?
Wesite planning and creation
  • How to buy domain & hosting?
  • A guide to uploading and customising HTML pages
  • How to create a WordPress website using hands-on training
  • Setting up SEO,website and Google Analytics
  • Advancing with WordPress
Lead generation and marketing Automation
  • Getting started with Lead Generation
  • What are lead journey funnels?
  • What are the 4 pillars of lead generation?
  • How to create converting landing pages?
  • Getting a little help from marketing automation tools live
Conversion rate optimization
  • Kickstarting with CRO
  • Reasons why CRO is essential
  • What Are the Best Practices for A/B Testing on Multiple Analytics Variants?
  • Analysing Heat map
Mobile marketing
  • Getting to know about the mobile landscape in India
  • Kickstarting with the types- SMS & Whatsapp marketing
  • What is Mobile Website Optimization?
  • What are the tools to setup a miobile app?
  • How to optimize you app on the app store?
Advanced content marketing
  • What is content marketing?
  • Mastering the basics of inbound marketing?
  • How to generate content ideas for business?
  • Writing effective content
  • How to start with promoting content?
Social media strategy & management
  • How to create a Social Media Calendar?
  • What are calendar based posts?
  • What are the tools used for posting on social media?
  • How to build a good social media community?
  • Mastering social media monitoring techniques
  • Managing online reputation
Advanced search advertising
  • What are dynamic ads?
  • What are call only campaigns?
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Analysing live campaigns
  • Getting started with Advanced Bid Management
  • What are bing ads?
Google display network advertising
  • how to get started with google display networks?
  • Kickstarting your journey with Google Display planner tool
  • How to launch a display campaign
  • What are the best practices for display campaign?
  • What are app install campaigns?
Social media advertising
  • Creating effective social media ads
  • Getting started with advertising on Facebook & Instagram
  • Advertising on X(Twitter)
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
Remarketing and Recall ads
  • Remarketing- Cookies vs Data based
  • Remarketing ads- By Search
  • Remarketing Ads- By Display
  • Remarketing on Facebook
  • Using advanced remarketing tools
Video Advertsing
  • Guide to the Video Ads
  • Using Facebook to run video ads
  • Using Adwords to run video ads
  • Knowing video advertising through case studies
Online media buying
  • Exploring advanced online media buying options
  • How to create an online media buying strategy?
  • Assignment on Online Media Planning
  • Knowing video advertising through case studies
Shopping Ads
  • Introduction to Google Merchant Centre
  • Step-by-Step guide to create a shopping ad campaing
  • What are dynamic remarketing ads?
  • Best practices for a shopping campaign
Online money making
  • Top ways to generate income online
  • How to identify your niche
  • Create a revenue stream through Youtube
  • Top strategies to generate income using Google Adsense
  • Getting used to with Affiliate Marketing Models
  • Domain flipping- One of the best paying streams
Selling digital marketing services
  • What are the key steps to enchance your personal profiles?
  • Where to look for projects online?
  • How to land high paying freelancing projects
  • Domain flipping- One of the best paying streams
  • How to create an attractive proposal for clients?
Ecommerce & market place selling
  • Kickstarting with an Ecommerce website
  • How to sell your products using WooCommerce
  • Guide on how to set up a SaaS store- a live walkthrough
  • How to sell anything on a marketplace?
Growth hacking fundamentals
  • What is Growth Hacking?
  • Introductiion to Growth funnels and the tactics used
  • What are the best tools used in growth hacking?
  • Diving deep into Growth Hacking using case studies
  • Starting with Dropshipping
  • What the the prerequisites for dropshipping?
  • Ebay & Amazon- The giant dropshipping platforms
  • The Art of Strategic Product and Place selection
  • The Ultimate guide to branding and supplier selection
  • Creating an effective dropping and marketing persona
  • Growing your dropping business effectively
  • Making your first $1000 per month using drop shipping
Affiliate marketing
  • Getting ahead with affiliate marketing
  • How to set affiliate marketing as a good revenue stream?
  • Essentials of becoming an affiliate marketer
  • Affiliate marketing methods that have shown proven results
  • How to choose a good affiliate program?
  • Maximing success with affiliate marketing programs
Online reputation management
  • Tools to effectively manage your online reputation
  • Strategies to grow your online reputation
  • Why is corporate reputation so important in this digital age?
Interview preparation
  • Factors to consider when choosing your role
  • Steps you can follow to select the right job for yourself
  • The ultimate checklist for preparing for your company role and JD
  • Navigating your interview day- Dos & Don'ts
Tools & Certifications
  • 30+ tools including Semrush, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Hubspot and many more
  • 15+ globally recognized certifications such as Google Adwords, Meta, Semrush, Hubspot
  • 3 Months paid internship
  • Stipend of upto INR 15000

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EMI option is available in the Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program so that the students do not feel the need to submit the program fees in one go.

Yes, you will earn 15+ globally recognized certifications including Meta, Google Ads, Semrush, Hubspot, and more to add to your resume and growth!

Regardless of the occupation of a person – from a housewife to a business owner, or from the 12th student to the postgraduate, the training program in advanced digital marketing is open to everyone. The curriculum is carefully planned so that people of different needs can be suitably provided for.