Advanced Digital Marketing Training Program

Duration: 6 Months Training + 3 Months Internship
( Fees: 50k )
Basics of marketing and branding
  • What is Marketing?
  • Introduction to Marketing Mix
  • What are the channels of marketing?
  • Commencing with branding
  • Getting started with Online Market Research
Introduction to Digital marketing
  • The positive change in online marketing
  • What are online marketing channels?
  • What are cases in Digital campaigns?
  • Understanding the essentials of digital marketing strategy
Graphics designing for Business
  • Fundamentals of graphic designing
  • Toolkits of design marketing
  • Getting started with designing online documents
Video marketing fundamentals
  • Introduction to video marketing
  • Why is Video Marketing essential?
  • What are the types of online videos?
  • How to create a live explainer video?
Introduction to professional bloggging
  • Kickstarting with blogging
  • What is the difference between personal and professional blogging?
  • What are the best practices in blogging?
  • How to set up your blog- Live
Advanced Web analytics
  • How to set up segment, filter, and reports
  • Process of creating a custom URL
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
  • Types of campaigns- Organic and paid plus Audit Frameworks
Social media optimization for business
  • Kickstarting the journey of Social Media Optimization
  • Getting to know different social media networks
  • How to optimize your facebook pages for business
  • How to optimize your business presence on twitter
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • How to filter your niche for an advanced profile?
Search engine optimization
  • Introduction to SEO
  • How to select and map the best keywords How to optimize your content
  • Knowing more about Onpage SEO and HTML Tag optimization
  • Getting ahead with Off Page SEO & building your link
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
Advanced search engine optimization
  • What are webmaster audits?
  • How to set structure data on your website?
  • How to create website audit reports?
  • How to start Search Engine Optimization in Ecommerce
  • SEO penalty by Google and how to control it
Online advertising and google adword
  • Starting with paid marketing
  • What are programmatic and direct ads
  • What are Search ads?
  • Kickstarting with Google Adwords search (PPC) advertising
  • What are the best practices in search camapaigns
Email marketing
  • Getting started in Email Marketing
  • Why is email marketing essential?
  • Starting to write effective emails
  • Creating email strategies
  • Knowing more about email marketing tools
  • How to do email marketing reporting and analysis for clients?
Wesite planning and creation
  • How to buy domain & hosting?
  • A guide to uploading and customising HTML pages
  • How to create a WordPress website using hands-on training
  • Setting up SEO,website and Google Analytics
  • Advancing with WordPress
Lead generation and marketing Automation
  • Getting started with Lead Generation
  • What are lead journey funnels?
  • What are the 4 pillars of lead generation?
  • How to create converting landing pages?
  • Getting a little help from marketing automation tools live
Conversion rate optimization
  • Kickstarting with CRO
  • Reasons why CRO is essential
  • What Are the Best Practices for A/B Testing on Multiple Analytics Variants?
  • Analysing Heat map
Mobile marketing
  • Getting to know about the mobile landscape in India
  • Kickstarting with the types- SMS & Whatsapp marketing
  • What is Mobile Website Optimization?
  • What are the tools to setup a miobile app?
  • How to optimize you app on the app store?
Advanced content marketing
  • What is content marketing?
  • Mastering the basics of inbound marketing?
  • How to generate content ideas for business?
  • Writing effective content
  • How to start with promoting content?
Social media strategy & management
  • How to create a Social Media Calendar?
  • What are calendar based posts?
  • What are the tools used for posting on social media?
  • How to build a good social media community?
  • Mastering social media monitoring techniques
  • Managing online reputation
Advanced search advertising
  • What are dynamic ads?
  • What are call only campaigns?
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Analysing live campaigns
  • Getting started with Advanced Bid Management
  • What are bing ads?
Google display network advertising
  • how to get started with google display networks?
  • Kickstarting your journey with Google Display planner tool
  • How to launch a display campaign
  • What are the best practices for display campaign?
  • What are app install campaigns?
Social media advertising
  • Creating effective social media ads
  • Getting started with advertising on Facebook & Instagram
  • Advertising on X(Twitter)
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
Remarketing and Recall ads
  • Remarketing- Cookies vs Data based
  • Remarketing ads- By Search
  • Remarketing Ads- By Display
  • Remarketing on Facebook
  • Using advanced remarketing tools
Video Advertsing
  • Guide to the Video Ads
  • Using Facebook to run video ads
  • Using Adwords to run video ads
  • Knowing video advertising through case studies
Online media buying
  • Exploring advanced online media buying options
  • How to create an online media buying strategy?
  • Assignment on Online Media Planning
  • Knowing video advertising through case studies
Shopping Ads
  • Introduction to Google Merchant Centre
  • Step-by-Step guide to create a shopping ad campaing
  • What are dynamic remarketing ads?
  • Best practices for a shopping campaign
Online money making
  • Top ways to generate income online
  • How to identify your niche
  • Create a revenue stream through Youtube
  • Top strategies to generate income using Google Adsense
  • Getting used to with Affiliate Marketing Models
  • Domain flipping- One of the best paying streams
Selling digital marketing services
  • What are the key steps to enchance your personal profiles?
  • Where to look for projects online?
  • How to land high paying freelancing projects
  • Domain flipping- One of the best paying streams
  • How to create an attractive proposal for clients?
Ecommerce & market place selling
  • Kickstarting with an Ecommerce website
  • How to sell your products using WooCommerce
  • Guide on how to set up a SaaS store- a live walkthrough
  • How to sell anything on a marketplace?
Growth hacking fundamentals
  • What is Growth Hacking?
  • Introductiion to Growth funnels and the tactics used
  • What are the best tools used in growth hacking?
  • Diving deep into Growth Hacking using case studies
  • Starting with Dropshipping
  • What the the prerequisites for dropshipping?
  • Ebay & Amazon- The giant dropshipping platforms
  • The Art of Strategic Product and Place selection
  • The Ultimate guide to branding and supplier selection
  • Creating an effective dropping and marketing persona
  • Growing your dropping business effectively
  • Making your first $1000 per month using drop shipping
Affiliate marketing
  • Getting ahead with affiliate marketing
  • How to set affiliate marketing as a good revenue stream?
  • Essentials of becoming an affiliate marketer
  • Affiliate marketing methods that have shown proven results
  • How to choose a good affiliate program?
  • Maximing success with affiliate marketing programs
Online reputation management
  • Tools to effectively manage your online reputation
  • Strategies to grow your online reputation
  • Why is corporate reputation so important in this digital age?
Interview preparation
  • Factors to consider when choosing your role
  • Steps you can follow to select the right job for yourself
  • The ultimate checklist for preparing for your company role and JD
  • Navigating your interview day- Dos & Don'ts
Tools & Certifications
  • 30+ tools including Semrush, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Hubspot and many more
  • 15+ globally recognized certifications such as Google Adwords, Meta, Semrush, Hubspot
  • 3 Months paid internship
  • Stipend of upto INR 15000