Our Leadership Team

The founders of Skillyards Versatility, known for their diverse expertise, have redefined skill development by blending practical knowledge with modern technology. Their entrepreneurial spirit drives the creation of adaptive and comprehensive learning experiences.

Shubham Saraswat

CEO of SN Digitech Pvt Ltd

Being the proud Founder & CEO of SN Digitech Pvt Ltd, a leading immersive IT development agency with a global footprint spanning India and the USA & armed with a degree in Computer Science, he embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between innovation and technology. With a vision to empower and redefine the educational experience, we aim to contribute significantly to the growth of India's technology sector.

Akash Sharma

Founder & CEO of Skillyards

Having worked in the Edutech industry for multiple years, he has conducted meet-up with over a thousand students during the course of his career. His journey, starting as an education counsellor, uncovered a vital need for industry-relevant skills in Bharat's youth. Currently, as the Founder & CEO, he established Skillyards with a belief that practical skills are much more important to students than the traditional theoretical skills

Sandeep Kaushik

Co-Founder of Skillyards

As a seasoned sales professional with over a decade of invaluable experience within the dynamic realm of the Plastic Industry, his journey as a visionary entrepreneur took shape as a co-founder of Skillyards. His extensive background from pivotal roles at industry-leading EBM machine manufacturer companies has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to thrive in a fiercely competitive sales environment.

Meet The Team

Thriving on a unique bond, blending creative minds and technical expertise, we transform challenges into opportunities fostering an environment where innovation flourishes and every member's contribution shines.

Shailendra Chahar

Digital Marketing Manager & Trainer

With nearly a decade of experience, Shailendra Singh Chahar has trained over 1000 students & 25+ entrepreneurs in their Digital Marketing journeys. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, he has successfully overseen 120+ projects. His expertise and mentorship empower aspiring marketers to navigate the complexities of the digital world with confidence and skill and also add to the growth of the company.

Pratik Sharma

Financial Officer

Pratik Sharma, with over 4 years of experience in accounts and business strategies excels as our Financial Officer. His expertise ensures robust financial health for our company. Beyond work, Pratik is passionate about traveling, photography, and cooking, bringing a creativeness to both his professional and personal life.

Shashank Jethani

Sales Head

Shashank Jethani, our Sales Head, possesses over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and more. Known for his innovative strategies and customer-centric approach, he also has a unique talent for blending his passion for music and books with his techniques, fueling his creativity and insight.

Swapnil Singh

Field Sales Manager

Swapnil Singh brings close to a decade of experience in sales, specializing in the B2B industry and currently as the Field Sales Manager at Skillyards. His expertise lies in forging strong client relationships and driving business growth. Passionate about traveling and making new connections, Swapnil combines his professional skills with a passion for exploration and networking, continuously seeking new opportunities to learn and grow.

Amit Vishvakarma

Full-Stack Developer & Trainer

Having over 2 years of experience as a developer, Amit Vishvakarma has delivered over 50 projects, demonstrating his expertise in the field. As a Full Stack Developer and Trainer at Skillyards, his passion is reflected in his dedication to honing his skills and sharing knowledge. Amit's commitment to growth and technology makes him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Garvit Bhatnagar

Content Writer Executive

Garvit Bhatnagar, author of "The Perpetual Thoughts" and co-author of over seven published books, brings over a year of expertise to his role and is currently the Content Writer Executive at Skillyards. His distinct blend of writing and insights drives his passion for financial analysis and writing. Garvit's dedication to delivering impactful content showcases his commitment to excellence.

Ashish Thakur

Graphic Designer Executive

Ashish, the Graphic Designer Executive at Skillyards, with over 2 years of experience, thrives in the designing field with a keen enthusiasm. Known for handling numerous projects, he combines creativity with his expertise to deliver innovative solutions. Ashish's deep commitment to design fuels his dedication to creating visually appealing work that connects with diverse audiences across multiple platforms.

Dinkle Singh

Business Development Executive

With over 5 years of diverse experience, Dinkle Singh excels as a Business Development Executive at Skillyards with a keen interest in marketing. Her diverse background spans various industries, showcasing a detailed understanding of business operations. Dinkle's passion for marketing drives her innovative approach to fostering growth and strategic partnerships.

Leena Asiwal

Human Resources Intern

Leena Asiwal, currently the Human Resources Intern, boasts over 3 years of expertise in product research. Her keen interest in research management supports her dedicated approach to learning and contributing to the organization. Her blend of practical experience and academic curiosity arms her to navigate complex HR challenges with innovation and insight.